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Sukhothai - Page 2

Sukhothai has a reasonable selection of hotels offering both fan cooled and air-conditioned rooms.

Food and Drink

The larger hotels have restaurants serving Thai and Chinese food. Noodles and other cheap tasty dishes are available at the market in the centre of town.

There is a good outdoor restaurant at the Sukhothai Cultural Centre not far from the old city.


Souvenirs, toiletries and other day to day items are available around the town, but Sukhothai is no shoppers paradise. You will find stalls selling souvenirs and film near old Sukhothai.

Sight Seeing

Sukhothai Historical Park (old Sukhothai) is 12km west of the new town and easily reached by songthaew. The park has several temples dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Wat Mahathat, the largest temple, is surrounded by brick walls and a moat. Some of the original Buddha images still sit among the ruined columns within the temple grounds.

Not far from Wat Mahathat is Ramkhamhaeng National Museum which houses a miniature model of the old city. There are several interesting wats outside the city walls, and a visitor could easily spend one or two days exploring the entire site.

Getting to and Around Sukhothai



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