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Around Thailand

North East of Thailand

The pace of life in the north-eastern region of Thailand, known as Isaan, is generally more relaxed than in other areas, and the people often appear more friendly. Isaan food is famous for its variety of ingredients and pungency. More »

North of Thailand

The first true Thai kingdom was located in the north at Sukhothai, hence the region is dotted with great temple ruins. The north is also the home of most Thai hill tribes and contains the infamous Golden Triangle, the region where Burma, Laos and Thailand meet. More »

Central Thailand

The area around the nation's capital, Bangkok, has an abundance of attractions for the visitor to Thailand, although the traffic in the city itself can be somewhat trying.

Ayuthaya located some 86Km north of Bangkok offers an insight into Thailand of the past with many fine temples and two museums. More »

South of Thailand

Bounded on both sides by water the people of the south are generally a seafaring lot, and this region offers some magnificent seafood dishes. The south is also a major exporter of rubber, tin and coconut. More »

Tropical Islands

Phuket, "Pearl of the South" is Thailand's largest and best known island. It has superb beaches, excellent facilities, and has long been a favourite destination of holiday makers from around the world.

Koh Samui is rapidly catching up to Phuket in terms of accommodation and facilities. The island is encircled by fine sandy beaches most of which have bungalows or hotels. More »

Thailand's National Parks

There are 48 national parks in Thailand, many of which are easily accessible to the visitor. Usually there is somewhere to stay but the choice of accommodation can be limited. Most parks charge a small entrance fee. More »

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