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Udon Thani

Located north-east of the kingdom, 564 kilometres from Bangkok, the province is a prime business centre of Isaan. It is home to the world heritage site for the prehistoric culture of Ban Chiang.

Udon ThaniThe Vietnam War transformed the sleepy provincial city of Udon Thani into a booming support centre for a nearby American airbase. Since the withdrawal of American troops in 1976, it has continued to grow as an industrial and commercial center within the region. Located on an elevated plateau, the province is blessed with numerous forested hills and tributaries. The Phu Pan mountain ranges and the Songkhram River are the province’s 2 main natural resources. The province’s main attraction is its archeological sites that date back over 5,000 years, particularly the one at Ban Chiang.

Getting There

Air-conditioned buses leave from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal every morning and evening. The journey is long and takes nine to ten hours. There are also direct bus services from Nakhorn Ratchasima (Korat) and Khon Kaen.

Getting around

Samlors and songthaews operate throughout the city for quite modest fares, but a more interesting way to travel is by bicycle. These can be rented from several places around the old city. Small motorcycles are also available for rent, but make sure you read and understand the agreement before parting with your money.


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