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Pinacle Tarutao Hotel,Satun Town. Tel +66 74 711607-8
Sinkiat Thani Hotel, Satun Town. Tel +66 74 721056-8
Satun Bed and Breakfast, Satun Town. Tel +66 1 910 2880
Jungle Joe Resort, Manang District. Tel +66 74 724085, +66 1 910 2880

Food and Drink

The market is a good place to find snacks and cheap tasty meals.


Several Shops around the town have souvenirs and day to day items. Had Yai is a better place for shopping.

Sight Seeing

Satun province is best know for the island of Tarutao, but there are a total of 22 islands in the Phetra Marine National Park. Kho Lidi is a 30 minute boat ride from the Phetra pier, and offers almost unspoilt beauty with beaches at Ao Lampoo and Ao Maphrao where you can watch the sunset. At low tide it is possible to wade the 500m across to Ko Wah.

From Manang District you can visit the towering limestone mountains of Khao Ban Thud, part of a wildlife sanctuary. Nearby are is the Tham Jed Cod, or Cave of seven curves. The La Ngu stream, which runs through the cave is fed by the Wang Tai Nan and Wang Sai Than waterfalls. The cave can be reached by Kayak and then wading.

There is a nomadic tribe called the Sakei and they can be visited by a trek through the jungle and rubber plantations.

The Phu Pha Phet cave has 25 chambers and it is adviseable to hire the services of the local guide, named Nil. The cave is very extensive, and the home to numerous bats. Thanks to several opening the cave is well ventilated. With the constant flow of water over the ages the limestone has taken up the shape of snakes, coral and an emerald tower.
For tours of these beautiful sights, contact the Jungle Joe Resort.


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