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Nong Khai

Nong Khai is located on the banks of the Maekhong river, 630km north-east of Bangkok. Across the river is People's Democratic Republic of Laos.This is a good base from which to explore north-east Thailand, and the only place at which you can cross the river into neighbouring Laos.

Getting There

Air-conditioned buses leave from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal every morning and evening. The journey is long and takes nine to ten hours. There are also direct bus services from Nakhorn Ratchasima (Khorat), Khon Kaen and Udorn Thani.There is an early morning train from Hua Lampong Station in Bangkok, and two trains which leave each evening for the overnight journey to Nong Khai. Journey time is about 10½ hours.

Getting around

Songthaews and a few samlors are available for journeys around town. If you are planning to explore the surrounding countryside ask your hotel if they can arrange for a car and driver. An alternative is to charter a songthaew.


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