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Had Yai

Had Yai is the commercial centre of Southern Thailand and a popular weekend destination for visitors from Malaysian. It is located 1300km from Bangkok and about 50km from Pedang Besar on the Malaysian border.

The city itself is not particularly interesting but it is a good place to go shopping if you are staying in nearby Songkhla.

Getting There

Buses from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal leave twice per day for the 15 hour journey to Had Yai. There is a regular bus service to Songkhla which takes about 45 minutes, and a daily service to Phuket taking about 6 hours.

Several trains leave Bangkok's Hua Lampong Station each day and take about 18 hours to reach Had Yai. Thai International have daily flights from Bangkok which take 1¼ hours.

Taxis and buses are available at Pedang Besar on the Malaysian border for the one hour journey to Had Yai. The Singapore-Bangkok Express also stops at Had Yai.

Getting around

Songthaews cruise around the city and charge a small fee for destinations along their route. Taxis are also available for longer journeys or trips to Pedang Besar.


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